Alfred is Such a Patient Guy….

Alfred checked the clock again.  He had left his brother at the breakfast table over two hours ago.  The boat with their delivery should have arrived and left and given him more than enough time to walk here from the dock.  Without that hardware order, Gloria’s dresser set was as finished as he could get it.



“Damn,”Alfred looked at the dresser on the bench that he was just a few parts short of finishing.  Though his brother was right, he should never given his word that the dresser set would be ready the day her knobs arrived.  Zachary could still help matters by not taking his sweet ass time getting here with their hardware order.

Lately he did not know what was wrong with his brother.  Knowing how much was on the plate for today he still was out to all hours last night.  Who knows who he was with or where he went????…..

Alfred’s ears had been tuned for his brother’s arrival and so when he heard his brother dragging the box up to the entrance he was waiting at the entrance to help his brother get the delivery through the door.

“It took you long enough to get here,”Alfred scolded.

“You are welcome,”Zachary replied with a weary sigh.

“You got there in time then?”Alfred quizzed

“You have the hardware, don’t you?”Zachary retorted.  He wasn’t going to mention having been late. He would have mentioned owing Gerty $150.- but Alfred had given him the money last week to pay the credit bill to cover their hardware cost.

But he had a little ‘me bad’ moment and lost the money on a bet. Coulda, woulda, shoulda….

“Okay, I need you to dig me out the knobs and the drawer slides then put the rest of the hardware order away,”Alfred said.

“You are giving orders to who?”Zachary got his back up in the air.

Alfred gave a long low sigh, “please, dig me out the order of knobs for the dresser then PLEASE, put the rest of the order away.”


“Well, you did ask nice about the knobs so here you go, “Zachary dug the knobs out, “but I did not like how you ask me to put the rest of the order away so I am just going to stand here until you ask me nicely…..”

“You do whatever you need to do, I have the parts I need now.  You can just go away if you have no intention of helping me.”Alfred thought at this point that arguing anymore with his brother useless.


Alfred got right to work on Gloria’s dresser set.  He became focused on his work and completely tuned Zachary out.


Alfred was not nearly as much fun when he would not give in to being goaded.   There was no way Zachary had any intention of putting the hardware away.  Alfred was never happy with his method or organizing the hardware anyway….

He’d had it with his brother treating him like his own personal ‘bitch’.  Not that he had much of his own work on the go right now.  But that wasn’t the point.

So rather than fart around pretending to be busy any longer, Zachary decided to take off for a bit…Hell, he still had a few coins in his pocket to create some amusement for himself….


Alfred didn’t ask where his brother was going, he just didn’t care right now…..

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