Gloria Is Not Happy

Alfred got the job done under the wire despite Zachary taking off and leaving him to struggle through the task himself.  Gloria was due any time now to inspect her dresser set.  Hopefully she would approve, pay for it and arrange to have it delivered.



“Ah crap,” Alfred said.

One of the two tasks he had left in Zachary’s hands had been screwed up.  All night stand doors were suppose to be hung mirror image.


“Can’t he get anything right,”Alfred said on looking over the drawer fronts on the dresser he noticed one drawer was lighter than the others.  The other task left to Zachary had been to stain the drawer fronts.  Having them all match each other as well as the rest of the dresser was just implied.


“I’m here,” Gloria had not bothered to knock but swanned in.  She eye’d the dresser set.

“Will you be paying now or when we deliver it?”Alfred asked.  He waited nervously, as she eyed him coldly.


“You are joking, right.”Her tone indignant, she continued to eye him coldly.  “Do you have to be told to put one knob on the left and one on the right.”


Alfred felt caught with his tights down,”Ah, well, My brother hung the doors…”

“..And the drawers don’t match!” Gloria was close to yelling “Like, are you shitting me here!”

Alfred now just stood receiving her anger.

“This will just not due!”Gloria’s arms flailed as she became truly hot under her bonnet. “We agreed on a completion date! This is inconvenient!”


“I’m so sorry Gloria…”Alfred was grasping for words….”it will be fixed….”


“Not only do I want it fixed but I want an adjustment in the price for my inconvenience.”Gloria demanded.


“I will happily fix the problem but you are already getting the dresser set at a very good price.”Alfred called after a very angry Gloria.

“That is when I thought I was dealing with professionals!!!!”Gloria was yelling at this point.”I will be back Thursday morning!!!”Gloria stormed out.

The nerve of Zachary, not only did he screw up but wasn’t here to receive Gloria’s wrath. Alfred hadn’t had time to recover when Zachary bumbled in….


“How did it go?”Zachary asked .

“Do you really have to ask”Alfred’s patience held, barely.


“So, she wasn’t happy?”Zachary had a way of stating the obvious.

“No,” Alfred barked”she was not happy with the drawer that is lighter than the rest nor was she was not happy with her nightstands with the doors both hung from the same side.”


Zachary continued to give him that same bright eyed stupid look he always gave when he acted as if he didn’t know any better.  Then he gave a stupid grin “She’s a bitch eh?”


“Zachary!”Alfred yelled, “Nightstand doors are always hung mirror image, you know, like us, mirror image!”


“Us, mirror image, don’t flatter yourself” Zachary scoffed “not hung or otherwise.  Look Alf, you are bumming me out so I will be back when your mood improves.”


Alfred could have gotten mad at his brother leaving again but decided right now Zachary was best out of his way. The repair was also best done by himself if he expected it to be done right. He would pull an all nighter if he had to.


Probably safest for Zachary right now if he is nowhere near the workshop or Alfred when he has access to all those sharp objects…..


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