Wrath of Gerty

After seizing the hardware order and bringing it back to the nursery, Gerty knew she wouldn’t have to wait long for the brothers to arrive. Fuming with rage, she was able to push both the hardware and her own order all the way back from the dock. She seethed quietly while prepping for her afternoon landscaping job.20151229_125732

The meeping of two nasal voices in stereo bickering sharply at each other heralded the brothers anticipated arrival. She turned and watched them enter her nursery. Holding back her greeting she forced them to speak first. She could smell their fear.

“Hi Gerty, you have our hardware order?…….”both Zachary and Alfred asked sheepishly in unison.


“You have my money? Where is my money?” Gerty hollered at them so loud and sudden they jumped back. They barely managed to get a full sentence out.

“The thing is……”Zachary began to gather an excuse as well as some nerve…..

“I hate responses that begin with ‘the thing is’,” Gerty cut in sharply. The rage coming to a full rolling boil inside her.”Quit dicking me around and give me my damn money or you won’t get your hardware order. I still have to pay Captain McCray the rest of what I owe him and now, because of you I have to be his date to his cousin’s wedding!!!”



“He he he hehe…”the brothers looked at each other and snickered. Big mistake. Then Zachary spoke up and made a bigger mistake,”I’m sure the two of you will make a great couple, heheheh…”

This unleashed her fury.”That isn’t even remotely funny! Cough up my money now or I won’t be held responsible for what I do to you!!!”

“We prepaid this order so now we don’t have any money at all, I am so sorry Gerty,” the brothers chimed a charming apology in unison.”We promise we’ll have your money when Gloria pays what she owes us for her dresser set.”

“Then no hardware order!!! Get out!” Gerty shouted “Now! Get out of my sight!”


“Really Gerty! Please, we will get your money, can we convince you to calm down!” The boys turned quickly to leave all the time imploring her to slow her violent pursuit of them….

“The minute you convince me that pigs can fly!!!” Gerty screamed after them as they raced from her nursery. “Now get me my money or I will keep your hardware order until you do! Now get out of my sight before I lose my shit completely with you.”




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