Further Disappointment For Gerty

Alfred knew telling Gerty he had only half of her money wouldn’t be easy.  The $200 in earnings he thought he put safely out of Zachary’s sight in the lunchroom cupboard had diminished to $75.

Zachary had a way of making money disappear without good explanation.  The money Alfred gave him to pay their supplier was a prime example.  He’d known better than to leave it in Zachary’s not so capable hands.  Despite Zachary’s slight of hand with the petty cash though, he always did managed to gain Alfred’s trust again.

Gerty wouldn’t be happy…….


Alfred wasn’t surprised, sadly enough.  Just another in a long line of disappointments in his brother.  Zachary could not only make cash go missing but he also had a way of going missing.  Especially when he was guilty of something.

Just where had he gone with that red headed girl they met at the store?   Just what they were getting up to at this moment? Alfred shuddered to think….

“Darn it Zachary!!!”growled Alfred.  “How did you find that money?!”


“Speaking of money, where is mine!?!?!”  Gerty’s sudden sharp voice split the quiet and made Alfred jump.

“You have my money or not!” Gerty was visibly pissed.  Alfred hadn’t heard her coming up from behind after letting herself in.  Why should a closed door stand between her and her money.

“I have some of your money.” Alfred stammered nervously still on edge from being startled “I, I have $75.”

“Only half of what  you owe me!?!?!” Gerty hollered.  Alfred jumped, “I need $150.  I don’t care how you get it but you are going to give me the rest of my money by the time my order arrives tomorrow.  Right now standing here talking to you is just making me mad”


“I’ll try,” replying nervously,  Alfred shrugged and backed into a corner.

“Shit, now which one of you idiots am I talking to anyway” she sneered in disgust.  Not giving him a chance to respond she continued “I need the money by the time my order arrives at the dock tomorrow morning.  Capiche?!?!” with that she left.


and left steaming mad.



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