A Beautiful Spot by the Water

The tension had grown too thick back at Mavis Variety shoppe.  Alfred never cared how he talked to Zachary in front of others. It didn’t help that dirty Gerty picked that moment to confront him about the money he owed her.  Zachary had enough and decided it was time to split.

Annemarie was every bit as eager to get away from both her sister and the gossipy old bunny.  Maryanne’s nonstop bitching was more than doing her head in.  So she was happy to slip away with Zachary and follow him to what he promised was ‘a beautiful spot by the water’ to enjoy their gingerbread treats.

Zachary found a new friend as well as kindred spirit and was excited to show her his favorite ‘spot’ by the water. He and his twin use to enjoy ‘the spot’ for fishing and splashing around before Alfred became too serious and would not shut up about either work, womanizing or water safety.


“What a beautiful spot, thank you for bringing me here.” Annemarie welcomed the break from her slave driver sister.  Maryanne did not believe in taking breaks as long as there was work to be done.  As Annemarie managed to complete one list of tasks; Maryanne would have another list ready.  There was always laundry or dishes to be washed or surfaces to be dusted.  Even their garden was a place of toil rather than fun.

Not even food was suppose to be fun.  Cookies, according to Maryanne, were just surplus carbs as well as empty calories. They were a waste of time and resources to make as well as a waste of money to buy.


“It’s a little tricky climbing down.  Let me help you.”  Zachary knew the steps down the hill. As he reached bottom he offered his hand to Annemarie’s to help guide her footing down the embankment.

“Wow, what a beautiful spot,” Annemarie beamed a smile.  “Thank you for bringing me here.  My sister has kept me so busy cleaning, unpacking and working in the yard that I haven’t had time to explore the prettier places in our new community.”

“That is too bad.  Your sister seems like a bit of a heavy.” Zachary commiserated, “my brother lacks a sense of fun as well. He definitely needs to lighten up. I have tried to get him to go out and have a good laugh. He ends up mad and storms away. Or wants to go back to our shop and work.”


“If it were up to my sister, the only time I would ever go anywhere is to work or shopping.” Annemarie complained.  “Oh but I suppose we can look forward to Mavis’ kitchen party.”

“Yeah,” Zachary said, “Alfred and I always go.  I play the french horn and Alfred plays the trumpet.  Do you play an instrument?”

“A few instruments.  Both my sister and I sing as well.” Annemarie replied.  “She insists on practicing our music three evenings a week.  My favorite is the guitar.”

“Wow, you play the guitar?!?” Zachary was both impressed and envious. “I would love to play the guitar.  Can you teach me some basics?”

“I would be happy to,” Annemarie was eager at any chance to get together with her new friend.

“You both must really enjoy music,” Zachary noted.

“Yes, but Maryanne has turned it into work,” Annemarie sighed, “She does not believe an activity is worth doing unless it’s perfected.”

“She sounds intense,” Zachary noted further.

“Yeah,” Annemarie sighed again, “She has a special talent for taking the fun out of many of my favorite activities.”


When Zachary finished his cookie he stood up and stepped down to the water, “come on down,” he invited Annemarie to the water’s edge.

“I like to come here when my brother gets on my case.” Zachary said.

“How come he get on your case?” Annemarie asked.  She’d noticed Alfred’s reactionary behavior.


“According to my brother I am lazy and always seeking mischief to get up to?” Zachary stared over the water and sighed.

Annemarie grinned, “What sort of mischief could you possibly get up to?”

Zachary grinned back, “Hang around with me long enough and you may possibly just find out….”


For a nanno second they wondered about heading back to their respective siblings but then decided against it and announced in unison “Nahhhh….”

More fun hanging out here at this beautiful spot. Whether they returned home now or later,  it would not change the bitch fests they both faced when they returned to their homes.



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